Feminism, It’ll Make You Millions.

This post is right on the mark. Feminism is an important movement empowering women of today and tomorrow. However, the majority of ad campaigns highlighting the strength of women today are strictly ad campaigns, attempting to appeal to a target audience and increase revenue. Don’t confuse capitalism with charity. Feminism has become a respected movement—and rightfully so—but the line between showing meaningful support and free riding on an increasingly popular and lucrative movement is a thin one.

Paula vs Patriarchy

I don’t watch television on a television (that is so 2008), and as a result I am never bombarded by commercials. But often my friends will pass along a commercial they like. It’s usually ‘feminist’, and it usually leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

Sure, in theory feminist ads rock. Who doesn’t want to be reminded that women are just as capable as men? Why wouldn’t you want to see girls kick ass?

I can’t help but feel as though feminism today is a commodity. A term bought, sold, and traded, all in order to help companies increase their profits.

Take the recent CoverGirl commercial featuring a handful of female celebrities (Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah, etc.) telling viewers what girls can are capable of, from owning a business to playing a professional sport. Or recall the ad put out this past autumn by the shampoo company Pantene, illustrating some…

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