James Rebhorn: Remembering the Quintessential Character Actor

It’s said to say but Rebhorn is the perfect example of the “that guy’s good in [choice of movie], what’s his name again?” The character actor fills a vital position in films: the niche character that fills out a movie and complements the fuller, more expansive leading roles. Frequently, a minor supporting role can have a major impact on the feel of the film, if played convincingly by a talented character actor. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christopher Walken, and Steve Buscemi have made careers out of playing eccentric or particular characters that strengthen a film. However, the James Rebhorn’s of the industry are the one’s that are dying out in place of special effects, box office driven extravaganzas. As long as character actors continue to be weaned out of films, the smaller star turns, like Hoffman in Boogie Nights, that make a movie great will eventually be reflected in the overall quality of the films themselves.


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