Bee Story

Bee Story

Bumblebee’s are natures unsung heroes. Annually these seemingly disproportioned, yet fascinating creatures pollinate about 80% of flowering crops—according to the Mother Nature Network. That converts to over 1/3 of America’s crops: strawberries, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, etcetera. Furthermore, the plant life the bumblebee is sustaining supports wildlife, and the domesticated animals we eat. If the bumblebee were to go extinct—a path they are currently going down—the ensuing effects on the global ecosystem and mankind would be disastrous. I took this picture on vacation in Italy; when I saw this lone bee hard at work pollinating a group of flowers I couldn’t not admire the beauty. Let’s get the word out to preserve the bumblebee and stop killing them off through the use of toxic, yet common, pesticides.


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