Instant Replay

Cubs Cannot Seem to Catch a Break

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Today was Opening Day in Major League Baseball, which means it was the first opportunity for the new instant replay system to be used in season play. The Chicago Cubs became the first to seize that opportunity today after pitcher, Jeff Samardzija, got called out in a bang-bang sequence at first. To the naked eye, and the audience viewing at home, Samardzija appeared to be safe, despite the umpire’s initial call. However, in a turn of events eerily emblematic of the franchise, upon further review the umpire made the right call and the Cubs’ first ever challenge was…..lost :(. Sorry Cubbies, even the new instant replay system cannot reverse your historic losing ways. Maybe fans should take this as an omen and start rooting for the White Sox. Who knows, I mean it can’t get any worse for the Cubs right? Right?